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sinfulintention's Journal

just another sinner
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sinfulintention is an icon journal created by xdnangel to post her icons in. Along with her icons, she also posts bases she makes from screencaps or scans she's taken herself. Almost all images used are her own; any other images used are credited on her recourses page.

[1] Icons are strictly for personal use only. Please don't take my icons and post them anywhere else (or claim them as your own.), unless given permission.
[2] Please credit sinfulintention or xdnangel if you use any of the icons. Credit should be given in the keywords.
[3] If using any of my bases, please credit me in either your recourses page, or in the entry when you post the icons made from the bases. The person using your icons doesn't need to credit me.

If you would like to request an icon, please comment to this entry. All requests should include your username, the fandom in which you're requesting an icon for and the character(s), if there is a specific character you'd like. A picture is preferred (especially for a fandom I'm not familiar with), but not required. Please add any specific text you would like, or if you'd rather have it blank.

And please, look around at all my other icons before making a request. They're mostly very simple. I don't do effects, and like to stick with stills.

Note: There is no set time for when your icon will be finished. I'm not usually busy and chances are it'll only take a day, but something could come up, I could end up distracted. If it takes longer than a week, then please feel free to kick my ass say something. I probably haven't forgotten you, but a little nudge doesn't hurt.


If you would like to affiliate me, just leave a comment in one of my posts and link back to me. ^_^ ♥